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I don’t want to care where you are or what you do
Whether you leave or not, do whatever you want

happy birthday queen ailee ♛ ; 130530

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[RAW] 2013.02.12 All The K-Pop
Ailee x Himchan Cut

Ailee picks Himchan as who she would want for her virtual husband if she were on WGM!


Big Bang seem to be interested in  Himchan and Ailee interactions lol

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clayray3290’s Top 15 Played Tracks of 2012

#4. Ailee - Heaven
2012.02.09 M! Countdown

I much much prefer Ailee’s performances of the song than the recorded version, but I apparently love the recorded version a lot, too, since it’s my #4 listened track of the year. In the recorded version, Ailee does this thing to alter her voice instead of just letting it out, and it gets a bit grating. But when she is actually just singing, it’s so refreshingly powerful and clear.

Also, she is just all sort of adorable when you can tell she just really really loves performing.

flawless people; ailee (solo singer)

flawless people; ailee (solo singer)

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