Longer trailer for Making Menudo (by mariav725)

The audio being out-of-sync with the video is annoying, but OMG Carlos Pena! He appears throughout the trailer.

BTW, at 2:51 he’s laying there with a red cap and a green shirt. It’s hard to tell because the hat is covering his eyes, but it’s him.

james & his douchejar

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On a scale of 1 to Kris


How many bandanas do you own

Bandana Man level

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*:・゚✧ Happy 23rd Birthday Kendall Schmidt! *:・゚✧
*:・゚✧ Happy 23rd Birthday Kendall Schmidt! *:・゚✧

happy birthday logie bear (◡‿◡✿)


The Season 4 Finale/(Possible) Series Finale of Big Time Rush airs tonight on Nickelodeon @ 8/7 C. Karmin, Mindless Behavior, Austin Mahone, Alexa Vega, and more guest star in tonight’s episode of Big Time Rush. Please tune into Nickelodeon tonight to support the cast and crew of the show.

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Happy 23rd birthday, James Maslow!

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