The doctors called my parents and said, “We believe this boy is going to die. We could save him by drilling a hole in his throat but there is only a 20% chance that he will survive.” My father interrupted them by saying, “This boy needs to sing and dreams of becoming a singer. If you cut his throat, if you take this away, he will not be able to live with himself.”

The reason I cried after that was because my dad was the one who always opposed me becoming a singer. He always said that it made no sense to become a singer, but when I was at my lowest, when I had no hope, my dad protected and respected my dream. I cried a lot because of that.

I was glad that I could sing the songs I loved, perform with my brothers as Super Junior, meet my fans, walk again, eat again, I was just thankful of everything and I just kept living. Because of that, my father who protected my dreams, to Eunhyuk who came and prayed with me first, I just want to say thank you.

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Kyutagnan with his trusty umbrella:))
Kyutagnan with his trusty umbrella:))

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happy birthday, world's best gamer @GaemGyu

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and so the evil maknae became the threatened hyung.

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