#I hope that sometime this season they have to ask Danny for help #and they come up for some stupid cover story for why and then when they ask Danny’s just like #’is this another werewolf situation?’ #and when their all flabbergasted and amazed and confused #Danny will just be all #’you guys are not discreet. Chemistry is like watching the Syfy channel for me really. #so what did you need?’ #because Danny is gr8

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Danny’s love-life.

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i fucking love scott’s face #i see a lot of things on the media where a gay guy comes onto a straight guy and they’re like woah i’m not gay woah #and scott’s like oh it smells great i love it #he’s not condescending or protective of his sexuality he’s like #yeah your aftershave smells good i totally just pinned you down and smelled you #and asked you to dance at the formal oh man #these two

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