Leader-Maknae moment @ Dream Concert ^-^


*This was actually from a KARA/Rainbow-focused fancam;
Sunhwa was on the edge of the frame, so she’s cut off a bit >_< 

Hyosung and the members chat during the DC ending~



Hyosung covers her face


Sunhwa tries to hide


Hyosung notices Sunhwa’s scared, so she hugs her


Later, they laugh at each other XD
…okay, Hyosung laughs at Sunhwa LOLLL



It’s going to be 시크릿 타임, again…SOON!!!! ^ㅁ^


Feliz Cumpleaños Sunhwa!


Feliz Cumpleaños Sunhwa!

[FANCAFE] 140122 Sunhwa - I Was About To Go To Bed But I Read Fan Postings And Suddenly I Had Something To Say.. < Attractive >


[FANCAFE] 140113 Sunhwa
그냥 자려다가 팬들글보구 갑자기할말들이생겨서..
02:34 AM KST
: Attractive

아.. 한송이 글남기구 자려다가 선화에게들어갔다가 나의 님들이 남겨준 글을보고 감동… 물론 저를 응원해주는 글도 너무 고맙고 힘이되지만.. 지금 제가 고마운점은.. 여러분들이 일상생활을하다느낀점들… 오늘이랬고저랬고.. 어젠이런일이있었구…힘들었구..뭐 모든 다…. 우리팬들도 개개인개인사들이있을텐데.. 그런걸 여기다가 조금씩 공유해주니까…. 음 .. 난 가수이기도.. 연예인이기도… 우린 팬과아티스트사이이긴하지만….. 그냥 그전에 한 사람으로서 .. 많은걸 느끼고 배워요..

저도 제가 좋아하는일을 하고있지만… 아무래도 외부와 통제가있는직업이다보니… 바깥세상과소통이잘 안될때가많고.. 대학생활을하는 내 또래 친구들보다 인간과의 여러가지소통들이 부족한데.. 물론 그런것들을 풀려고.. 책도읽고 가끔친구도만날수있음보고.. 뉴스도보고 여러가지에서 갈증해소를하지만…. 제일 좋은건 사람이 사람에게 말하고 듣는게 가장 이해도빠르고 느끼는점도 다르고 와 닿더라구요…… 아 그냥….팬들이써준 글들을보며.. 나만 힘들고 고민있고 그런게아니구나.. 우리가 서로다른위치 상황 ..일들을하고있어도.. 사람이라는 공통점하나로…. 다 .. 이렇게 힘들고 고민하고 때로는 해결해나가는구나…나도 힘내야지…하게되네요^^…아휴 다들 잘 자구 … 모두 내일을위해….홧팅^^*해요!!! 썬몽~~~~~~~

Translation: I Was About To Go To Bed But I Read Fan Postings And Suddenly I Had Something To Say..

Ah.. After posting the ‘Han Songyi’ post I was going to go to bed but I went into the To Sunhwa section and I was moved by seeing the posts you wrote me… Of course, I am so grateful for the letters supporting me and they give me such strength.. But right now the thing that I’m truly thankful for is.. Telling me about your day-to-day lives… Today you did this and did that.. Yesterday this thing happened…That was hard to go through..Well, all those things…. Our fans are sure to have their own people in real life to speak to.. But because you share even a little bit of that here…. Umm .. Even though I am a singer.. I am an entertainer… Even though our relationship is that of fans and artist….. I feel like I experience a lot and learn a lot from you .. just as a person.. 

Although I am doing the work I want to be doing… since it’s, no matter how you look at it, a job where contact with the outside world is regulated… There are many instances where communication with the outside world doesn’t come through well.. I’m lacking a bit in these various communication skills compared to the other people my age who have been living their lives as college students.. Of course, to make up for that.. I read books and occasionally I see my friends when I can.. I quench my thirst by watching the news and in other ways, but…. I’ve found that the best thing is for the information to come from person to person as one person speaks and the other listens and it is in this way that comprehension is faster and the feeling is different…… Ah it’s just that….When I look at the words that fans write.. I realize that it’s not just me who is struggling and has lots of worries.. Even though we are in different locations and our lives are different ..Even though we are doing different work.. The one thing that people share…. All people .. Even though life can be this hard and this worrisome, in time we all figure it out…I should gather strength…It leads me to think this way^^…Ah whew Everyone sleep well … Everyone, in preparation for tomorrow….Hwaiting^^*!!! Ssunmong~~~~~~~

Credit: clayray3290 @ Secret4Time

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