A’ST1 - Back

Another mostly talented group whose management kinda sucked. I’m glad that Hanbyul’s in Monday Kiz now, and we see Jungjin in FC Men stuff and he’s going to be in that group M.E.N. with Battle’s Taehwa. Of course, I hope Inkyu goes into remission for his thymus cancer soon. I have no idea what Tomo and Haiming are doing (I think I read that Tomo left the entertainment industry for good? Don’t quote me on that) and I know Jangmoon is in Star Empire. Jangmoon was my favorite, so I hope Star Empire gives him the promotion he deserves, but judging from ZE:A (who I also love)…

Anyways. This is a little bit of a silly song, but it’s catchy, no?

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