Goin’ way back. Dreamstreet throwback!Like if you still ‘gotta get the girl’- via Jesse’s facebook

Goin’ way back. Dreamstreet throwback!
Like if you still ‘gotta get the girl
- via Jesse’s facebook

Favorite Boy Band Members: Dream Street↳Matt Ballinger

Favorite Boy Band Members: Dream Street
Matt Ballinger

The Juice - The Juice


OMG, it was The Juice!

Open Till Midnight - Side Effect Of Sipping On Sunshine

This song just came up on my iTunes. I’m glad I still somewhat follow the careers of the Dream Street members - Matt’s bands have produced some great music! (I wish I had MP3s of The Juice’s music so I could put it on my iPod and not have to go to Purevolume…)

Matt’s voice is great and was criminally underused in Dream Street, in my opinion. Just sayin’.

Dream Street - Let’s Get Funky Tonite [Live]

Oh Dream Street. Lolz at the difference between the recorded pre-pubescent backing track and their live singing with their changed voices. Lolz at the ridiculously huge clothing (Why was Matt always in ginormous sweaters? Did they want him to appear even more scrawny? Also, the pants. Those blessed pants.) Just lolz at this whole song.

Ah, I love Dream Street so much.

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