Immortal Song 2011.08.06 Thoughts

Overall, fun performances this time around, mostly because it took me back to all of the older Kpop songs that I love.

Hyorin - Hyorin seemed so…awkward in this performance. She was completely overshadowed by DJ DOC and well, quite frankly, Hyorin doesn’t know how to share a stage. Hyorin shines brightest when she has the spotlight all to herself or at least when she can dominate the other people so that it’s basically just her. I wasn’t even sure if she was having fun in this performance. This one sadly fell flat for me.

Huh Gak - First of all, Huh Gak is so cute. I’m a bit confused as I would never categorize him as an idol, but okay, whatever. I could’ve done without the rap, as it just seemed like Huh Gak was softly speaking to me, haha. When Huh Gak actually began to get started really singing, it was great. It was too bad that it took a while to get to that point. Not an incredible performance, but nice.

Jiyoon - Good choice for Jiyoon. Jiyoon’s voice tone is a bit…aggressive? I feel like her voice is much better suited for songs in which she can throw her voice at you. And Jiyoon is very good at being fierce while softness doesn’t work as well. I appreciated how there was clearly a lot of effort put into designing this performance, with the dancing and the lighting and everything.

Kyuhyun - OMG, Kyuhyun’s foreign fanboys. I really really enjoyed this performance - but then again, it could easily be a product of bias since I ADORE Kyuhyun’s and Sohn Hoyoung’s voices and I was also already familiar with this song (I can’t believe it’s from 11 years ago). But I really enjoyed how they played off each other and they really did do something new with the song. There were a few moments where it was a wee bit awkward, but for the most part, this was balanced and fun.

Jay - Jay looked so concerned throughout the performance. I mean, he tends to always look that way during performances; the effort he’s putting in is always very clearly written on his face. Which is on the one hand, good to see that he works so hard, but on the other hand, it makes me as an audience member uncomfortable as it gets me worried. After Heejun got Jay laughing, it got a bit better, but before that, the only time Jay seemed to genuinely just be enjoying the performance was when he was dancing. But it was a fun performance and cute in like an “Aww, Fail!Cuteness” kind of way. And I’ve never been a huge stan of Jay’s voice or anything, but there were some really nice moments in this performance.

G.O. - Kan Miyeon has always been one of my biases in Baby V.O.X. and I’ve always loved ‘Killer’ so I was looking forward to this. As soon as the accordion starting playing, I was intruiged. I liked the arrangement from the beginning, but G.O. was totally overpowered by Miyeon whenever they sang the chorus together - it wasn’t in the right key for G.O. and he should’ve harmonized instead. And aww, they tried with the dance.

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