Happy 30th Birthday, Anne Hathaway!

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“I don’t get recognized much, but I am such a groupie of other people, so I can relate to the fans. I was just at Bed Bath & Beyond and I ran into one the girls from The Office [Mindy Kaling]. She’s beautiful. I walked up to her, and her skin was so soft, and I just wanted to touch her hair. I said, “I love your show,” and she looked scared and backed way. I couldn’t explain fast enough that I was on a TV show, too. I think I scared her away. But now I know it’s bad to touch people from your favorite shows when you meet them.”

oh dear kwon boa, where do we even begin? by far, i think you’d be hard-pressed to find a recent year that even compares to this past one. in just the twelve months since your last birthday, you’ve not only improved musically, but your drive and motivation has increased in leaps and bounds from what it initially was the previous year. and as if that alone weren’t enough, fans (both old and new) have been allowed this opportunity to view you as more than just “asia’s star“—a title the media has placed on you for years that can be nothing less than intimidating, obviously. be it through your stern yet completely mirthful demeanor as a judge on national television, your growing participation in variety, your very own comeback show even? we couldn’t be more grateful as it is! the aforementioned has shown to the world that you can and will forever be as carefree and playful as you once were during your debut period, twelve years ago. and that’s one of the sides we’ll forever want to see (and cherish!) as well.

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Emma Stone being Emma Stone

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Happy 32nd birthday to Miryo (Nov 02, 1981) #JohoneyDay1102

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9 most adorable pics of Mariska on set [Part 1]





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