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Has there ever been any other case where an idol group from 6-7 years ago that didn’t even debut is the subject on everybody’s lips?

There is a word that always accompanies the name “Five Girls” whenever it comes up. That word is ‘legend.’ This is because before their debut, they had such buzz about them and presently, their members are all famous in the current Korean girl group market.

After School’s UEE, Wonder Girls’ Yoobin, Secret’s Jeon Hyosung, Spica’s Yang Jiwon, and solo artist G.Na had been training with the plan to debut in 2007 as Five Girls. Five Girls revealed their preparations to debut through a reality program and their popularity was quite strong. As each member’s characters stood out and their talents were impressive, many predicted that they were to be an enormous girl group like SES and FinKL before them.


However, Five Girls became a girlgroup of misfortune. Because of their company Good EMG’s financial difficulties, their debut kept on turning into smoke and eventually the idea of debuting was abandoned. The members went their separate ways into different companies or took some time away from the music industry.

Im Seungchae, Director of WA Entertainment (the company of Phantom and Geeks) was at Good EMG at the time of Five Girls’ debut preparation. Director Im reminisced about Five Girls, saying they were “incredibly talented and It was such a loss to lose them.”

The beginning of Five Girls was a cable audition program in 2005. The Shinhwa members created ‘Battle Shinhwa’ in order to find the second Shinhwa, and there, they picked Jeon Hyosung and G.Na. The male winners of this audition program became a boy group called Battle, who debuted in 2006.

The ‘Battle Shinhwa’ winners Jeon Hyosung and G.Na directly became Good EMG trainees and became the first members to bear the name of Five Girls. The other members UEE, Yoobin, and Yang Jiwon became selected afterwards through individual auditions or castings.

Director Im Seungchae recalled, “They trained for about 2 years. Their debut was practically finalized, but as the company had financial problems, their debut kept on getting pushed back.The members were especially amazing with their dreams and desires to become singers. Their hearts were pure and they trained with great dedication. Their skills were incredibly outstanding as well. Now that I look back, it really was a loss.”

As the company was experiencing financial difficulties, many crises struck the Five Girls members. The hardest part was, naturally, the economic aspects. As the company was experiencing financial difficulties, support for Five Girls diminished and as the members did not have any income as trainees, they found jobs whenever they had time away from their practicing.

These anecdotes were also revealed on MBC’s ‘Story Show Widow’s Cruse’ that was aired on the 1st. There was a skit in which, in order to pay off her training debts, Jeon Hyosung had been working other jobs and had collapsed. The Five Girls members revealed, “We all worked several jobs and trained simultaneously.”

Despite all of these efforts, in the end, the Five Girls debut fell through. Afterwards, Yoobin began to lead her second life as an idol when she joined Wonder Girls in September 2007. Next, UEE and Jeon Hyosung debuted in After School and Secret respectively and G.Na debuted as a soloist, with them all finding success. The last member to debut was Yang Jiwon, who is now promoting as a member of Spica. Since 2007, the members of Five Girls have now become driving forces in the waves of girl groups in the Korean music industry. 

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