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Event: Fanmeeting in China 130713 
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© Zinger walks down the red carpet in We Got Married.


SunHee Ep 12: The haunted house proves to be too terrifying for both of them ♥

Awwww, I just found this to be the sweetest! I completely expected them to play off Kwanghee getting scared as some failure of manhood and everyone would laugh and Sunhwa would yell at him… and I think that’s what everyone was setting up for her. But then!! Without thinking!! In her teary, emotional state!! She turns around and starts wiping his tears and bemoans that she didn’t protect him. SUNHWA. ♥♥ WONDER WOMAN, INDEED. YOU ARE BOTH PRECIOUS!!


SunHee Ep 27: Sunhwa makes this look good.

Dang. I think when they need co-stars for the next Ha Ji Won movie, they should hire Sunhwa! She can be the bubbly one on the team everyone always underestimates until she knocks them flat.  It’s not just that she clearly works out consistently, it’s that she’s really got that intensity about it that screams “Give this girl some action scenes to train for!” to me. 

(Also I simultaneously agreed with Sunhwa’s “God, Kwanghee! Pay attention to the positions, not how hot I look!” …and also with Kwanghee’s ogling. XD Hey, this IS really attractive so I can’t blame him. :D)

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